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Facebook Group: Implementing the National EMS Education Agenda
This Group is open to anyone interested in learning about national efforts to implement the EMS Education Agenda; new documents and resources will be highlighted. The goal is to provide a forum for the EMS community to identify successful implementation strategies and to help dispel common myths and rumors about the EMS Education Agenda.

EMS Education Agenda Implementation Email List

The National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) announces the availability of a new list serve open to all EMS stakeholders to learn more about national implementation efforts related to the Education Agenda. Although anyone will be able to subscribe to the list serve to receive information, NASEMSO will facilitate all postings and requests to minimize the ability for spammers to access the list. The goal is to help connect individuals and organizations with resources and to provide access to information related to the Education Agenda such as new documents, survey results, best practices, and other materials as they become available.

  • To subscribe to the EMS Education Agenda Implementation email list, send an email to with the subject of the email containing:
    subscribe emseducationagendaimplementation nasemso2009
  • When you send the email, you will receive a response asking to confirm your email address. Simply reply to the email to be added as a member of the list.


In 1996, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) published the consensus document titled EMS Agenda for the Future. The intent of the Agenda was to create a common vision for the future of EMS and was designed for use by government and private organizations at the national, state and local levels to help guide planning, decision making, and policy regarding EMS. In 2000, this document was followed by the EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach. The purpose of the Education Agenda is to establish a system of EMS education that more closely parallels that of other health care professions. The Core Content, Scope of Practice, and Education Standards have been completed.

In 2007, NASEMSO President Fergus Laughridge appointed an Implementation Working Group with representation from state EMS directors, state EMS medical directors, and state EMS training coordinators with the goal of assisting states with activities to implement the National EMS Education Agenda

We encourage you to visit this Web site frequently, as additional assistance materials will be posted as they become available. For more information, please contact NASEMSO Program Advisor Kathy Robinson via e-mail at or call 703.538.1799 x1708.

NASEMSO Implementation Team

Dan Manz, Chair, NASEMSO Project Manager

Jason Rhodes, RI State EMS Director
Carol Cunningham, MD, FACEP, State EMS Medical Director Member
Donna Tidwell, TN State EMS Director Member
Joe Schmider, TX State EMS Director Member

Brett Hart, Education and Professional Standards Council Representative
Katrina Altenhofen, Pediatric Emergency Care Council Representative

NHTSA Liaison

Dave Bryson


Kim McKenna


Kathy Robinson