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Ambulance Vehicle Design Project

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Ambulance Vehicle Design Project Team Meetings
Nov. 29-30, 2012

Model Rules for Ambulance Vehicle Design Project

Team Meeting Documents

National Truck Equipment Association Ambulance Manufacturers Division Letter to NASEMSO
The table you’ll see in the letter is a highlight of the more noteworthy differences between the KKK Specs and the upcoming NFPA 1917 Ambulance Standard that we believe may be of the most interest to your members. The references in the table can be found in the balance of the attached documents. One thing to note regarding the attached NFPA material is that the latest draft of the 1917 document comes from the Report on Proposals (ROP) that was published last June. The subsequent document that results from the NFPA Standards process is the Report on Comments (ROC), which shows what the Standards Committee actions were to the comments that came in on the ROP draft. There is no other draft document that will come out before the Standard is published this summer, but by comparing the committee responses/changes in the ROC to the draft standard in the ROP, you will get the best picture of what the final version of the Standard will be when it is released.

Presentation Courtesy of Georgia EMS on NFPA 1917
In an effort to find a technical subject matter expert (i.e., ambulance manufacturer) presentation on the current draft standards, I discovered that the Georgia Association of EMS' (GAEMS) 2012 CHANGES Conference included a session on the NFPA 1917 ambulance standards. The presenter is Mark van Arnum, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Emergency Vehicles in Boone, North Carolina; they build 26% of the ambulances in the US market today. The Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma filmed the session and made the presentation available via its Online EMS Classroom. GA State EMS Director Keith Wages has been kind enough to share access to this session with you: http://web.dhr.state.ga.us/ems/20120411-170702-emsacs1/main.htm
No log-in is needed. Bear with the first two minutes, while Mark is being introduced, as the audio is difficult to hear and the video is choppy. Once Mark starts speaking, you will enjoy a dynamic and engaging presentation.

American Ambulance Association: Position Statement on Ambulance Standards - Regarding 2013 NFPA 1917 Specification for Automotive Ambulances (posted 08/12/12)