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Highway Incident & Transportation Systems (HITS)
Committee Members

(as of Apr. 17, 2016)

HITS Committee Chair
Steve McCoy, State EMS Director, Florida, Steve.McCoy@flhealth.gov

NASEMSO Staff Liaison
Mary Hedges - hedges@nasemso.org


  • Kristina Altenhofen (Washington County EMS, IA)
  • Gary Brown (VA)
  • Lee Burns (NY)
  • Billie Collier (MS)
  • John Cramer (ID)
  • Frank Cheatham (VA)
  • Carol Cunningham (OH)
  • Jim DeTienne (MT)
  • Dolly Fernandes (WA)
  • Dr. David James Harden, JD, NREMT (AZ)
  • Les Jobe (MO)
  • Patrick Irwin (NV)
  • Steve McCoy (FL)
  • Tom Mitchell (NC)
  • Julie Rabeau (AK)
  • Tim Seplaki (NJ)
  • Veronica Seymour (OR)
  • Donna Tidwell (TN)
  • R. Keith Wages (GA)
  • Jolene Whitney (UT)
  • Stephen Wilson (AL)
  • Scott Winston (VA)
  • Cynthia Wright-Johnson (MD)