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May 21-24, 2018
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EMS Instructor Qualifications
  • EMS Instructor Qualifications - This document represents a template that can be used to assist states describe criteria, roles, education, and experience that may be required for various levels of EMS instructors.
Survey Results
Source Documents (NHTSA)
Transition Materials
  • Transition Templates. Some states have already identified state-based learning objectives and educational priorities that exist both above and below the Education Standards, making it difficult to establish a “national curriculum” for transition. Because a transition course per se would have a limited shelf life as the Education Standards are implemented, available resources have been focused on developing materials that will support implementation of the new practitioner levels and pre-packaged educational materials geared specifically to the changes are generally unavailable. To assist this effort, NASEMSO has utilized the Gap Analysis Template to help identify the generic “Gap Content” that can be used to enhance the knowledge and skills of existing practitioners that desire certification/licensure at the level of the Education Standards. States still need to determine which content and/or skills must be tested and/or verified to complete state-based transition processes. The following templates are available:

  • Matrix for Testing Transition (10/19/10) This matrix has been developed to assist the National Registry of EMTs implement exams based on the new Scope of Practice Model and the Education Standards. The matrix is based on results from the 2009 NASEMSO Annual Survey on statewide implementation of the Education Agenda and was adopted by NASEMSO membership at its 2010 Annual Meeting as a recommendation to the NREMT.
Gap Analysis Templates
Fact Sheets
2010 AHA Guidelines