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HITS Partners

SCOHTS: Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety

  • Parent Organization: American Association of Highway & Transportation Officials (AAHTSO)
  • Mission: To evaluate highway safety needs encompassing the four E’s - Engineering, Enforcement, Education and Emergency medical services. Responsible for development
    and continued updating of AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan.
  • Stakeholders: National organizations, both public and private, involved in highway safety
  • Meetings: Annually, Spring
  • Contacts: Rosemary TenEyck, rteneyck@aashto.org
  • Budget: Member organization pays travel expenses to meeting.
  • Website: http://www.transportation.org/?siteid=35&pageid=2331

SCOHTS – SM: Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety, Subcommittee on Highway Safety Management

  • Parent Organization: American Association of Highway & Transportation Officials (AAHTSO)
  • Mission: To promote AASHTO’s safety goal of reducing highway fatalities by half in the next
    two decades. Works on technical issues such as developing, updating or commenting on
    various highway manuals, plans, and programs to improve safety
  • Stakeholders: Member departments appoint up to 3 members from every state
  • NASEMSO Involvement: One of the 3 members could be from state EMS office
  • Meetings: Annually, Fall
  • Contacts: Kelly Hardy - khardy@aashto.org, AASHTO Staff Liaison
  • Budget: Member organization pays travel expenses to meeting.
  • Website: http://www.transportation.org/?siteid=81

TSAG: Transportation Safety Advancement Group

  • Parent Organization: Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) and US DOT’s
    Research & Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)
  • Mission: “Promoting Technology for Public Safety.” Advance unified and strengthened public safety programs across intelligent transportation systems technologies
  • Stakeholders: EMS, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Communications, Law Enforcement,
    Transportation Operations, Emergency Management, Technology & Telematics, Academic
    & Research
  • NASEMSO Rep: Dia Gainor, Chair of TSAG
  • Meetings: Quarterly
  • Contact: Manny Puentes, mpuentes@itsa.org
  • Budget: Travel and per diem paid by USDOT/RITA via contract with ITSA
  • Website: http://www.tsag-its.org/whatistsag.php

NCHRP: National Cooperative Highway Research Program

  • Parent Organization: Transportation Research Board (One of six major divisions of the
    National Research Council)
  • Mission: To conduct research in problem areas that affect highway planning, design,
    construction, operation, and maintenance nationwide. Each year in early July, the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) solicits problems from three authorized sources: (1) AASHTO member transportation departments, (2) the chairs of AASHTO's committees and subcommittees, and (3) the Federal Highway Administrator. Problem statements are due by September 15.
  • Stakeholders: State departments of transportation are the sole sponsors of the NCHRP.
  • Contact: Crawford Jencks, Manager, 202-334-2379, cjencks@nas.edu
  • Budget: Varies by project
  • Website: http://www.trb.org/NCHRP/Public/NCHRP.aspx

SHRP 2: Strategic Highway Research Program

  • Parent Organization: Transportation Research Board
  • Mission: To investigate the underlying causes of highway crashes and congestion in a short- term program of focused research
  • Stakeholders: transportation-related, uses subject matter experts related to research project
  • NASEMSO Involvement: No participation other than occasional grant review boards
  • Meetings: Annual meeting for TRB in January
  • Contact: Director Neil Hawks, nhawks@nas.edu
  • Budget: Review board travel expenses
  • Timeline: Multiyear program (4 year funding, 7 years to complete) began work in March 2006
  • Website: http://www.trb.org/AboutTRB/SHRP2.aspx

TRB EMS Transport Safety Subcommittee

  • Parent Organization: Transportation Research Board
  • Mission: To advance EMS and medical transportation safety research (est. January 2008)
  • Stakeholders: EMS agencies, technical experts, federal and state EMS & transportation
    agencies, industry partners, academics
  • NASEMSO Rep: Need to identify
  • Meetings: January and November, Washington, DC
  • Contact: Nadine Levick, nlevick@attglobal.net, Eileen Frazer, efrazer@camts.org
  • Budget: TRB does not fund travel costs but provides meeting space and support.
  • Website: http://objectivesafety.net/TRBSubcommittee.htm

I-95 Corridor Coalition

  • Parent Organization: None, an alliance of partners
  • Mission: To provide a forum for key decision and policy makers to address transportation
    management and operations issues.
  • Stakeholders: Transportation agencies, toll authorities, and related organizations,
    including public safety, from Maine to Florida, with affiliate members in Canada
  • NASEMSO Rep: Beth Armstrong, Gary Brown
  • Meetings: Committees have various meeting times & locations
  • Contact: Ex. Dir. George Schoener, (703) 389-9281, geschoener@comcast.net
  • Budget: Member funding is from his/her own organization
  • Website: http://www.i95coalition.org/i95/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx

HSPV: Highway Safety Partners Venture

  • Parent Organization: None
  • Mission: To assist in identifying appropriate solutions and implementing systemic low cost
    improvements across the four Es of Engineering, EMS, Enforcement and Education
  • Stakeholders: Private and public organizations interested in highway safety
  • Meetings: 6 X year in DC area
  • Contact: Andrew Wishnia, andrew.wishnia@dot.gov
  • Budget: Members cover own expenses
  • Website: None