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Model EMS Clinical Guidelines Project

National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines (10/23/14)

If you would like to have this document in Word format, so that you can adapt it for your own use, email Mary Hedges, NASEMSO Program Manager, at hedges@nasemso.org.

Following the conclusion of a two-year project initiated by the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) Medical Directors Council,  the National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines have now been completed and are available to the public. The project was developed for the purpose of helping state EMS systems ensure a more standardized approach to the practice of prehospital patient care and to encompass evidence-based guidelines as they are developed.

The guidelines are not intended to be mandatory or to determine local scope of practice. Rather, the goal is to provide a resource to prehospital clinical practice, maximize patient care, safety and outcomes. The prehospital guidelines may be used as presented or adapted for use on a state, regional or local level to enhance patient care and benchmark performance of EMS practice. They are intended to be a core set of guidelines, at least initially, with the goal of adding more guidelines in the future.

The project was funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Office of EMS and the Health Resources Services Administration, EMS for Children Program. Co-Principal Investigators Dr. Carol Cunningham and Dr. Richard Kamin led a project team comprised of emergency physicians from eight national EMS-related physician organizations in creating the document. Experts from a multitude of specialties provided input and technical assistance in creating the guidelines and feedback from the EMS stakeholder community was incorporated into the final version. The guidelines may be downloaded at National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines.

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